Revival Cycles & Alpinestars Get Loud

May 31, 2020

By Earlvin Cruz

Wiederbelebungszyklen und Alpinestars werden laut

September 2, 2017, Austin, Texas - While it was difficult to pick a favorite build coming out of the Handbuilt Show last April, there were a few bikes that stood out for their originality and courage. From the jaw dropping craftsmanship of Craig Rodsmith’s hand fabricated Dustbin Moto Guzzi, to the incredible lines on Maxwell Hazan’s Ducati 860 Turbo, or the guts it took to customize an already expensive and rare Confederate, the Handbuilt Show’s take no prisoners approach to curated bike design is what keeps people coming back year after year.

However, there was one bike on the floor of the show that turned heads the same way an accident does on the 101 freeway - what could only be described as a loud collision of ideas mixed with Italian motorcycle carnage that made you wonder if the design brief for this bike were simply the letters “WTF”.

The build was courtesy of Revival Cycles, the iconoclastic hosts of the The Handbuilt Show, and it was like the 1980s came back though a time machine, put its dirty boots on the coffee table and then ate a submarine sandwich on your mom’s white couch.

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