Code d'éthique

The Alpinestars’ Code of Ethics reaffirms our commitment to respect fundamental ethical values, embodying these principles and guidelines to drive our Company’s daily activities.

At Alpinestars, integrity, respect, fairness, responsibility, legality and compliance are the cornerstones to our business success. These values govern the way we conduct our everyday activities and we expect the same ethical standards from all our employees, collaborators, suppliers and partners.

Alpinestars’ reputation and image rely on our ability to comply fully with these core values as well as with the organization’s mission and vision. All of us must be committed to ensure that ethics consistently steer our actions and our Code of Ethics serves as a guide in making the right decisions.

Please familiarize yourself with this framework and make the commitment to act in accordance with these values in all your dayto-day activities and across all our Company’s relations.


  1. Scope of application and recipients
  2. General Principles
  3. Internal Relations
  4. Relations with third parties
  5. Organizational Systems
  6. Accounting transparency
  7. Prevention of money laundering and self laundering
  8. Health and safety protection
  9. Environmental Protection
  10. Enforcement, controls and dissemination
  11. Final provisions

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Alpinestars has adopted this Code of Ethics by resolution of the Board of Directors on November 22, 2021.

Our Code of Ethics sets out the ethical commitments and responsibilities that we require each recipient to abide by in their work, when conducting our business and in undertaking company activities.