December 28, 2022

By Bryan Campbell


Whether you regularly encounter drastic changes between seasons or you plan on riding through cold weather on your next long-haul, staying warm and comfortable in the saddle is a genuine science. There’s more to it than simply throwing on a heavier, thicker jacket, gloves, and pants and calling it a day. If you want to know how true expert riders stay warm in harsher climates, the answer is base layers. It’s no secret that layering up helps seal in your body heat. However, if you start with a proper insulating base layer, you’ll find it’s much more efficient than the crude combination of a shirt and sweater. Alpinestars makes technical tops, bottoms, and then some that regulate your body’s natural heat, sealing it in, helping you expend less energy, and increasing your stamina. Once you experience the beauty of base layers on a chilly ride for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever did it before without them.
Mid-layers are one of the most underrated technical layers on the market. Working in tandem with your outer layer, a mid-layer creates an extra insulation behind the barrier from the chill of rushing wind. The secondary garment can also transform into a casual performance piece once you’re off the bike, instantly doubling its usefulness. Walking into a local restaurant for a bite before getting back on the road? Setting up camp avnd need to shed the weight of your touring jacket but still want to stay warm? A proper mid-layer is what you’re looking for. We’ve got a handful of the best mid-layers already lined up, ready to join you on your next adventure, wherever that may take you.

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