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Supertech R10 Element Helmet

SKU 8200324-1363-XS
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COLOR: Black/carbon bright red/white glossy
Other colors available:
Supertech R10 Element Helmet-0 Supertech R10 Element Helmet-1
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Sculpted by speed

Sculpted by speed

Designed and developed for Professional MotoGP athletes where going FASTER and being PROTECTED is the goal.

By minimizing drag and ensuring optimal aerodynamic stability, air management outside and inside of the helmet, and a comfortable, customizable fit, the S-R10 enhances the overall experience in racing and sport riding.

The Alpinestars Supertech R10 is the Pinnacle of Alpinestars racing helmets.

Designed to perform & protect


Designed to perform & protect

Optimized chin bar design
for maximum collar bone protection. In addition to the aero and drag performance optimized shell, it is also designed with a recess at the collar bone area to keep a softer volume in case of contact with the body. The chin bar is profiled for light weight and robustness, protecting the rider’s chin tip area.

Carbon shell


Carbon shell

Multi-layer composite construction bonded together with advanced epoxy resin to maximize strength, mechanical performances and weight ratio.

Multi-layer construction


Multi-layer construction

OVerall protection design


OVerall protection design

External and internal design and materials densities are optimized for maximum protection from linear and oblique acceleration impacts.

Shell’s lower profile is designed to protect the rider’s collarbone in a heavy impact.




Overall helmet shape developed for aerodynamic efficiency and stability.

Race spoiler and winglets further reduce drag by 4.54%

Wing & Spoiler


Wing & Spoiler

An aerodynamic spoiler is fitted with a patented release system, also utilized on the visor of the Alpinestars S-M10 motocross helmet, with elastic joints that help the spoiler to detach from the helmet shell if it is subjected to a significant impact, no matter what the angle. (2 spoilers available: Standard and Race - with a more drastic aero effect)

The Lateral winglets support the stability and improves the aerodynamic drag.

The S-R10 helmet is fitted with turbulators on the visor to improve the aero-acoustic performance.


220° of lateral vision & 57° of vertical vision


220° of lateral vision & 57° of vertical vision

Lowered eyeport to the sides for maximum lateral vision in the riding position.

Maximum Vision


Maximum Vision

The eye port and head position is maximized for maximum view scope and riding comfort. The side line is lowered for lateral view in any position.

Shield Construction


Shield Construction

The Shield is provided with pins for fixation of a Pinlock 120XLT - 100% Max Vision lens. It is also provided with pins for fixation of tear off films.

ECE 2206 Homologated
Optical Class 1 Shield

Spare shields available:
Clear / Transparent (Included),
Medium Smoke, Dark Smoke
Mirror Silver, Photochromic

Shield Features


Shield Features

The shield mechanism is fitted with metal lock levers to prevent unwanted shield detachment during impacts, that are locked in the closed position by a front metal hook. The cinematic movement is engineered to perfectly seal the visor against the shell’s rubber window trim, while staying distant from the shell in the opening phase. The tool-less quick release system allows fast and easy change of the visor.

11 Ventilation Ports


11 Ventilation Ports

Chin Vent
The chin vent is formed by two openings located in the front of the helmet at each sides of the shield lock mechanism. Each flap has a tab in the corner, which is used to open or close the vent. Air entering from this point will be channeled towards the inner side of the shield, creating a laminated flow of air that effectively prevents fogging and misting.

Chin Bar Vents
These are used to extract humid air to the outside of the helmet.

Top Vent
The large central slider channels air down to the top of the head for better comfort. This in turn, when open, has vents for hot air extraction from the riders’ forehead.

Rear Spoiler
Under the rear spoiler, two extractor vents are located for effective hot air extraction.

EPS Protection


EPS Protection

EPS foam designed to distribute impact absorption properties exactly where they are needed.

8 Pieces 6 Different Densities



The EPS is fitted with the patented A-Head fitting height and angle adjustment system; developed by Alpinestars and originally utilized with great success in the S-M10 Motocross helmet, to allow the product to be tuned exactly to the riders’ preference for the height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head.

Height adjustment Angle adjustment
Premium lining


Premium lining

8 Individual internal pads Wind curtain protection
Hydration hose ready


Hydration hose ready




Emergency Release System

Safely & easily remove cheek pads while helmet is still on.



Included: two shields (dark and clear), 2 sets of winglets (Road and Race), helmet bag
Adding to the personalization and custom, tailor-made fit of the S-R10, is the helmet’s unique and patented A-Head Fitment System. The A-Head System allows the helmet to be tuned exactly to the rider’s preference by having the ability to adjust both the height and angle at which the helmet sits on the head. The EPS is fitted with the A-Head Fitment System that allows for an ultra-specific setup that can be adapted to how deep the rider’s head sits in the helmet, as well as how far forward or backward the helmet is tilted.
The S-R10 has been developed in the full-scale wind tunnel since the beginning of its development. Aerodynamic targets for coefficient of drag in different head positions, as well as stability at different angles were a primary goal in the helmet shape development, first extensively developed with Computational Fluid Dynamics, then validated in the full-scale wind tunnel and finally on track. The result is a helmet that achieves the lowest level of drag, and the highest level of aerodynamic stability at high speed compared to any other race helmet we have tested in the wind gallery. This has made the S-R10 already the helmet of choice by factory MotoGP teams for its top aero performance. The road riders will benefit from this too, with reduced strain on their neck at high speed and low levels of wind noise.
The S-R10 comes with two separate aerodynamic spoilers – a standard, and longer race version – and they’re both fitted with an Alpinestars patented release system, with elastic joints that help the spoiler detach from the helmet shell if it is subjected to a significant impact, no matter the angle, to reduce potential rotational energy.
There are also lateral winglets to further support the S-R10’s stability and improve aerodynamic drag. In addition, the helmet visor has turbulators to improve aero-acoustic performance. As a result, compared to the aerodynamic performance of the helmet fitted with the standard road spoiler, the S-R10 itself is already the top performing aerodynamic helmet we have tested, and with the configuration of the race spoiler and the aero winglets together, we have achieved a reduction in drag by an additional 4.54%.
When it comes to ventilation and breathability, there are 11 ventilation ports, not including the eye port, with 7 intakes including 3 in the chinguard and 4 on the top of the helmet, plus 4 exhausts, with 2 lateral ports on the chin bar, and 2 on the top rear of the helmet. These ventilation ports integrate directly with the helmet’s shell with a series of air ducts through the inner EPS liner. With the S-R10, airflow comes in through the ports, as well as actively circulates over and around the rider’s head through a series of channels and then gets extracted out the back of the helmet.
The top vent features a large central slider which channels air down to the top of the head for better comfort, which when open, has vents for hot air extraction from the rider’s forehead. Under the rear spoiler there are two extractor vents for effective hot air exhausting. The chin vents are formed by two openings located at the front of the helmet at the sides of the shield lock mechanism, where each flap has a tab in the corner, which is used to open or close the vent. Air entering from this point is channeled towards the inner side of the shields, creating a laminated flow of air that effectively prevents fogging and misting. And additionally, the chin bar vents are used to extract humid air to the outside of the helmet. SHIELD FEATURES
The visor has two unique features including a metal locking mechanism lever to prevent unwanted shield detachment during impacts and/or crashes, plus a lowered side line for a maximized field of view, coming on top of an already outstanding wide eyeport providing 220-degrees of lateral and 57-degrees of vertical visibility for great riding comfort.
The shield attaches to the shell via side cams mechanisms, allowing the shield to rotate and to move, in order to seal it completely against the helmet’s rubber window trim.
Additionally, the visor itself can be easily changed or removed thanks to its secure and tool-less quick-release system.
The S-R10 is fitted with an Optical Class 1 shield, 3mm in thickness, and coated with an anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment.
The shield is equipped with internal pins to accommodate a PINLOCK 120XLT - 100% MAX VISION lens and external pins to accommodate tear-offs.
Crown Pad: The crown pad and the neck pad are elastically connected, for enhanced oblique impact management, with a construction based on four panels (front, sides, rear), for an optimized fit with the proper foam thickness.
Top Pad: The top pad is removable and height adjustable via the A-Head Fitment System.
Cheek Pads: The cheek pads are fitted with premium foam and fabrics, offering comfort and breathability. The cheek pads also feature an emergency extraction system, allowing the side cheek padding to be easily removed by trackside support and medical staff, and they also have a channel for the installation of a hydration system.
And finally, when it comes to weight, the ECE / DOT / FIM certified Supertech R10 helmet tips the scales at an impressive 1,540 grams for a size medium, or 3.4 pounds, providing the S-R10 with an extremely high performance to protection to weight ratio.

The result of over 10 years of intensive study, development, and testing, the goal of the Supertech family of helmets is to create the most advanced, protective, and performance-enhancing helmets possible for racers and riders worldwide. Following years of extensive research, development, and testing of the Supertech R10 road racing helmet by Alpinestars’ Helmet Product Development Department, together with MotoGP legend Andrea Dovizioso, and MotoGP riders’ Jorge Martin, and Jack Miller. With the S-R10, the focus of the design was to ensure the highest level of performance, especially when it comes to protection and a new level of safety. The S-R10 Helmet has been engineered to provide the perfect blend of excellent ventilation, unsurpassed comfort, and the lightest weight possible without compromising on any other front.  Another crucial element unique to the S-R10’s design and development is the helmet’s advanced aerodynamics, with countless sessions in the wind tunnel aimed at reducing drag and providing optimal aerodynamic stability. 

Chin bar profile
Another outer shell design protection feature is the chin bar’s profile, where the base area has been specifically sculpted to give a relief section. The bottom profile is raised to clear the collarbone, and instead of the hard carbon shell coming into potential contact with the collarbone, the S-R10 has a softer EPP (expanded Polypropylene) liner which extends beyond the helmet shell itself and is covered by a more flexible rubber compound. This chin bar design provides a reduced chance of any sort of collarbone injury, one of the more common injuries in motorcycling. 

Homologated to ECE 22.06, DOT, and FIM standards, the Supertech R10’s shell construction utilizes a highly advanced molding technology with a multi-composite combination featuring a 3K high-density carbon outer later, a uni-directional carbon composite layer, an aramid fiber layer, and a fiberglass one.
The 3K high density carbon outer layer provides excellent strength and efficiency of energy dissipation over the shell.
The uni-directional (UD) carbon composite layer provides significantly greater radial strength around the shell, preventing compression, but allowing controlled deflection for reducing transmitted impact energy. And the aramid fiber plus fiberglass layers provide critical penetration protection.
This layered composite combination created by bonding everything together with an advanced epoxy resin already applied on the pre-preg fiber, perfectly controls the ideal proportion of resin versus fiber to maximize strength, mechanical performance, and lightweight. The combination of material layers provides improved energy management, as well as limited outer shell deflection, making the energy spread wider and better absorbed by the EPS liner.  
The S-R10’s unique shell construction results in extremely effective impact protection. With a fully equipped in-house helmet testing facility within Alpinestars’ state-of-the-art Research and Development center, the company has carried out an exhaustive impact research program. Our research and development efforts have shown the S-R10 returning linear and oblique impact performance results which far exceed current ECE 22.06 helmet regulation standard limits. For direct linear impacts, which is an impact at a 90-degree angle between the helmet and an object, the S-R10 surpasses the standard by an average magnitude of 37%. And for rotational acceleration and oblique impact performance, where impact energy comes from an angle other than a linear 90-degree, or right-angle straight impact, the S-R10 exceeds the standard by 65%. INNER SHELL
The S-R10 has four inner shells just like the outer shell and is available in four anatomical sizes. The S-R10’s construction is optimized to ensure riders have the correct fit, which not only improves comfort and reduces overall weight, but most importantly, improves the effectiveness of the helmet in an impact. Underneath the helmet’s outer shell is an eight-piece multi-density EPS liner, with six specific densities that are strategically positioned in different zones to ensure excellent energy absorption from impact forces dissipated over the outer shell, as well as a close and comfortable fit. The EPS liner, just like the outer shell, has its own unique dimension for each helmet size, further tailoring the helmet’s performance and fit when it comes to protection and comfort. LINEAR AND OBLIQUE FORCE MANAGEMENT
The EPS inner surface is smooth, creating an optimized, low friction area, for superior oblique impact management. When it comes to other types of helmet testing, the best helmets are those that provide protection against rotational, as well as oblique and linear impact forces.  
To help fight and mitigate those rotational, oblique, and linear impact forces, Alpinestars has designed a low friction surface on the inner surface of the EPS liner. The inner surface is polished to be incredibly smooth, and then specially coated to reduce friction even further, allowing the comfort liner to move against the EPS. The result is increased rotational and oblique and linear force management, allowing the rider’s head to move independently inside of the helmet, or vice-versa, which can significantly reduce the amount of force transmitted to the head, neck, brain, and spine from an oblique impact, while simultaneously reducing the possibility of a concussion. To recap, specific rotational impact protection is provided by the combination of the internal shape and the specific coating of the EPS liner, coupled with the specially developed surface in the comfort liner. This patented technology reduces rotational acceleration transmitted to the rider’s head. 


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