Packaging Information

ALPINESTARS PROTECTS is our company motto and the overall purpose of everything we do. We research and develop products with the goal of protecting motorsports riders and drivers alike while they practice their passions, while at the same time respecting the environment and the communities where we operate. At Alpinestars, we have a shared responsibility and are committed to making a difference and ensuring that all employees contribute to this common vision.

The packaging that comes with the products purchased in the store, has the important role of protecting the products from damage and deterioration and has been designed to keep them safe. Alpinestars has a strategic project underway and we are researching and developing packaging materials to ensure that they have the lowest amount of environmental impact on Our planet.

As you may know, most packaging can be easily recycled when disposed of correctly in the proper recycling bins. In addition, some of the packaging can also be reused to protect other garments or products or potentially turned into a new useful object. We ask you to join us in protecting Our planet.

Alpinestars is committed to involving its customers in the correct disposal of our product packaging. As such, the table below indicates how to correctly dispose of packaging from the Alpinestars products that you have recently purchased in accordance with the Italian Decree No. 116/2020 and the Decision 97/129/EC of the Commission of the European Union which applies to each element of the product packaging present in Alpinestars’ products, including the image of the packaging, the description of the packaging, the composition of the packaging as well as the recycling bin where you should dispose of the packaging.

Please always be sure to check with your local town or city waste disposal regulations to make sure that you dispose of the packaging materials in the proper bins.




Under the French AGEC law (anti-waste law for a circular economy), article 13 requires to the Brands selling their products in France to provide information about garments or footwear's traceability and any relevant material information (microfiber releases, hazardous substances, recycled content), as well as information about the recyclability of the product. Packaging is also affected by this obligation.

According to the above mentioned regulation the required information can be located on the following link.

The information included in the table below are subjected to periodical review and could be updated according to the applicable law and regulations released by French authorities.

Environmental qualities and characteristics product information sheet

For further clarification you may contact us at




Dans le cadre de la loi française AGEC (loi anti-gaspillage pour une économie circulaire), l'article 13 impose aux marques qui vendent leurs produits en France de fournir des informations sur la traçabilité des vêtements ou des chaussures et toute information pertinente sur les matériaux (rejets de microfibres, substances dangereuses, contenu recyclé), ainsi que des informations sur la recyclabilité du produit. Les emballages sont également concernés par cette obligation.

Conformément à la réglementation susmentionnée, nous fournissons les informations requises dans le link suivant.

Les informations figurant dans la fiche ci-dessous font l'objet d'une révision périodique et peuvent être mises à jour en fonction de la législation et de la réglementation applicables publiées par les autorités françaises.

Fiche Caractéristiques et attributs environnementaux des produits générateurs de déchets

Pour de plus amples informations, vous pouvez nous contacter à l'adresse suivante


Alpinestars s’impegna nel coinvolgimento dei propri clienti verso un corretto smaltimento degli imballaggi dei propri prodotti.

Nella tabella sottostante sono raccolte le informazioni elaborate sulla base delle indicazioni contenute nel Decreto Legislativo 116/2020 ed alla Decisione 97/129/CE della Commissione dell’Unione Europea per ciascun elemento di packaging presente nei prodotti Alpinestars:

  • Immagine del componente,
  • Descrizione del componente di imballaggio
  • Composizione
  • Raccolta

Per la corretta separazione dei rifiuti, Alpinestars raccomanda in ogni caso ai propri clienti di verificare sempre le disposizioni del proprio Comune.