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What if the racetrack, but not?

The visceral experience, the smells, the sounds, the emotion, the feeling, but something else. What if something since 1963, but entirely new? The heritage, but the future. The science, technology, research, and development, but organic and natural. Form, but from a foundation of function. The same, but different. At odds, but also in harmony. From these contradictions, something entirely new and beautiful. Inception.

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The Racecraft Jacket is a contemporary interpretation of a classic Alpinestars jacket. Based on the original 1999 Dyno Jacket,it uses authentic, deadstock MotoGP race suit leather and protection pieces has been repurposed to construct this jacket. The color blocking reflects the liveries of actual MotoGP race teams for whom the suits were originally designed. The patches are an homage to racing terminology and graphic icons of bygone eras that conjure memories of two-stroke exhaust and carbureted engines.


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An exaggerated, casual, broad-shouldered, armored, and imposing garment. It utilizes an array of protective and performance components from the Alpinestars automotive and motorcycle collections. Tucked under the iconic Astar-branded epaulets (inspired by Alpinestars auto suits) are shoulder protectors repurposed from deadstock Bionic Action Protection Jackets. The Bionic Protection elements extend into the elbows, integrated into the mesh-lined sweatshirt silhouette. It is finished with Alpinestars-branded drawstring pulls. 


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A layered, casual homage to Alpinestars’ ardent commitment to the safety of race car drivers. An oversized raglan-esque cotton t-shirt body is enhanced with compression sleeves salvaged from deadstock auto-racing technical apparel. The sleeves are made from Lenzing FR®, which is a flame-resistance fabric that Alpinestars uses in base layer garments to protect drivers against heat transfer. The left sleeve is emblazoned with two unique labels, further referencing the Base Tee’s F1 lineage. One of the labels is a holographic FIA tag that certifies that the piece had originally been homologated for race use.


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Based on a technical garment, engineered to meet Formula 1 specifications. What began life as an Apinestars Race V3 Balaclava has been reimagined into a unique accessory somewhere between mask and bandana. The original piece has been enhanced with matching flame-resistant Lenzing FR® fabric extensions that can be wrapped to render the piece in an array of configurations on the head, face, and neck. As testimony to its origin story, the Slate Balaclava maintains its original FIA hologram label, signifying its homologation for racing.


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When Alpinestars’ MotoGP athletes crash or damage a race suit, the suit is returned to Alpinestars’ R&D facility in Asolo, Italy. The suits are thoroughly assessed, before being—either repaired or destroyed. This procedure is indicative of Alpinestars’ unyielding commitment to athlete safety and performance. Authentic shoulder protection pieces have been rescued from crashed MotoGP race suits and integrated into unstructured, six-panel cotton caps. Each hat is unique, bearing scars and scuffs collected by world-class racers at MotoGP circuits around the world. 


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The Tech Tee borrows technology, fabric, and functionality from the iconic Alpinestars Supertech Motocross Jersey. This piece is the simplest execution of the RSRV philosophy — Form first but built from a foundation of function. The classic casual t-shirt body is embellished with a tonal mesh chest panel, and a seamless bonded collar, elevating it to an amplified example of a basic. The mesh panel fabric is repurposed from the motocross jersey, where it is utilized for its lightweight, performance-oriented breathability. A juxtaposition of classic and contemporary.